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Release of Census

7 jeanie99

WW1 Internment

2 Chestnut

Things your parents/grandparents wouldn’t understand, and what would they use in their place.

68 absthame

Grandson terrified of me!

15 absthame

Family Tree Template

3 TheReadingRoom

Seeking an unknown place of burial/cremation

12 Chestnut

genealogy, where do I start?

60 Chestnut

DNA help please

59 Chestnut

DNA test

5 Grammaretto

Service records

7 Nannyxthree

Relatives in West Australia

3 PamelaJ1

1969 moon landing.

57 DameJudyClench

I can't find my dad

22 Grandmama

Your Ancestors

67 Opalsusanna1

Using online tools for family trees.

18 winterwhite


15 Nannyxthree

Memories of my teens

32 TwiceAsNice

Surprising DNA results.

65 notanan2

My Heritage

12 Cherries

Doorstep memories

47 blossom14

Effie's wedding - BBC website

27 Anniebach

Ancestry Mother's day offer

8 FountainPen


71 Nelliemoser

My Heritage site has been hacked

2 NanaMacGeek

Have you stayed put?

111 Juggernaut

Scotland's People

9 BradfordLass72

Absent friends.

21 Namsnanny

Ancestry suubscription due to expire

20 mamapat

1939 England and Wales Register

4 prestbury

Which site to use

8 prestbury

Did anyone here have a " show of presents"? Maybe only in Scotland?

63 Cabbie21

1891 Census

23 Anniebach

"New" cousin in America

50 Grammaretto


2 Oakleaf

On this day

9 callgirl1

Old expressions not in general use.

150 MissAdventure

Australian relatives?

26 Melanieeastanglia


13 Mercure

Invisible pull towards ancestral roots?

32 Diana54

Anyone on this Forces site?

7 AlieOxon


25 jeanie99

Birth Registration

27 grandtanteJE65

So excited

43 Anniebach

Widows surname query

12 Melanieeastanglia


14 travelsafar

Joy in the care home

33 grannyactivist

Old expressions.

2 kittylester

Help with an old poem, please!

25 littleflo

Family relationships

7 NanaNancy


3 Anniebach