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Is anyone actually achieving anything in this heat?

70 Whitewavemark2

How many projects have you got on the go?

75 lizzypopbottle

Using up scraps

9 Opal

Sewing Forum gone

31 Bathsheba

One whole afternoon, five mini snowmen, phew!

16 Witzend

How best to display embroidered pictures

2 Antonia

Torn paper work

14 ladymuck

Foxglove painting

36 NfkDumpling

Want to take up embroidery/crochet again but who will want the results? Recommendations please

77 Magnolia62

How old is your sewing machine?

66 Magnolia62

our sewing forum

225 grannysyb

Any cool photo editing guides?

3 SuzannahM

Today I have been making...^Playing Card^ Cards!

3 lovebeigecardigan...

Knitting - help!

39 Callistemon

Knitting with very fluffy yarn - any experiences?

11 Witzend

Painting rocks

29 Peardrop50

Stash. Own up if you have any stash of any sort

111 craftyone

Cat doodles

7 Purplepixie

Making face masks.

38 jacq10

Did you ever sew anything major, e.g. dresses, by hand?

19 annodomini

Puddled curtains

21 PinkCakes

Stuck Zip

14 grandtanteJE65

Community projects

2 Mopsx4

Have you printed on fabric with your home printer?

8 PamelaJ1

How using up some of your stash can lead to, er, ordering still more ....

34 Callistemon

Can’t get stuffed!

6 Witzend

Simple craft ideas wanted

14 Missfoodlove

Pinterest problem

5 Doodle

Great British Sewing Bee!

70 Calendargirl

Epoxy resin and hardener

1 Graygirl

Lockdown knitting...

67 Callistemon

Do you (bother) to block knits?

26 Wheniwasyourage

Can Local Dressmakers Copy Garments?

18 GagaJo

Painting by numbers

10 GranOf4Monkeys

Simple dolls’ clothes pattern (for Lucy 127)

1 Witzend

Made to last!

2 rubysong

New at knitting

7 Callistemon

Baby makes

11 littleflo

My Big Fat F***** C*******s

73 Tickledpink

Support during illness

9 EllanVannin

Pattern for neck warmer or small scarf.

9 Grammaretto

Knitting novice needs help please . Part 3

6 NotAGran55

The Knittingale Hospital

9 NotAGran55

To make stuff with a saw

4 Alexa

To make stuff with scissors

7 Alexa

Knitted masks

6 ineedamum

Knitting For UK Charities.

19 Willow73

Help please with crochet pattern (American)

14 fevertree

Can any of your children or grandchildren knit?

52 Judy54

Making face masks

25 Rosiebee