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Sewing Advice Please Help

31 ayse

2nd Nativity set...

10 Witzend

The Sewing Forum

10 J52

Pinterest, am I being thick here?

31 Sillygrandma5GK

Selling our arts & crafts

11 thisisnotme


32 Maggiemaybe

Christmas Wreath

7 polyester57

No excuse any more....

9 Callistemon

Advice needed on quilting

13 Happysexagenarian

christmas gifts

13 boodymum67

Knitting wool by weight not length.

19 Grammaretto

Upcycling small furniture

27 Callistemon

Jewellery making

4 HurdyGurdy

More crochet

10 Chardy

Lavender bags

6 M0nica

Knitted poppies

26 nipsmum

i love this forum

3 bonji


84 Sara65

Just bought a house!

17 grandtanteJE65

Quality Barbie Clothes

12 GrannyMosh

chunky jacket or cardi for a baby

10 GrannyMosh

Knitted baby jumper

31 Amirax

Sewing machine needles

5 H1954

knitted animals (lighthearted)

22 mary51

Value in making your own

60 Fennel

Sewing simple dolls' clothes

1 grandtanteJE65

Reborn dolls

25 Shazel1

Finishing off cross stitch bunting

5 Chewbacca

So much stuff!

21 travelsafar

Next to Me Crib blanket

6 mcem

Best websites for knitting patterns?

19 LondonGranny

American patterns terminology

9 CraftyGranny

New to crochet

7 Thorntrees

After a fairly major session of stuffing and sewing up yesterday....

10 JoyBloggs

Latest project - toy box

15 Nandalot

Kitting pattern - baby jumper

53 MamaCaz


86 justme2

Any knitters out there who can help with this?

6 Marilla

I know it's early to mention it, but...

22 BBbevan

Design your own dress

12 GracesGranMK3

I had no idea!

24 Nonnie

Alan Dart Advent Calendar - has anyone made it?

10 Luckygirl

What sewing machine do you recommend?

36 Craicon

Help with knitting: stripes

14 blubber

Does anyone paint?

59 Daisymae

Using a small piece of cross stitch?

4 Francis

Making a memory bear

5 gillybob

Macrame anyone?

12 NotSpaghetti

Cross stitch sets

4 lynx

Not mine...

4 NanaandGrampy