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Good Morning Friday 29th September 2023

24 Liberty

good news if you use your fish and chip shops

3 M0nica

Things you would like to Avoid- alphabetical and could be anything!

257 travelsafar

Grans on duty!

19 Marydoll

Now here is a dilemma ....... what would you do?

73 Calendargirl

A lazy generation?

57 MercuryQueen

DS and DiL "babying" 3yo GD

94 Farmor15

Were you a school prefect?

127 growstuff

Car dilemma. Hoping someone can help!

57 Mallin

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

932 Catterygirl

I love odd facts.

5 Amy71452

When needs must !

37 Serendipity22

What is a lesbian?

947 Iam64

Best response to 5 year old calling me an old lady?

102 grannymags

Anyone relocated back?

166 Callistemon21

Emails - too many

21 M0nica

Good Morning Thursday 28th September 2023

41 Litterpicker

"Our song"

35 LauraNorderr

Why do young non-grandparents frequent Gransnet?

91 Oreo

Warm feeling

16 downtoearth

Supermarket plants

31 JayDee60

I'm losing the fight!!

46 Hetty58

Holiday let, disrespectful guests.

162 MayBee70

Just look at this egg!

12 Callistemon21

Good Morning Wednesday 27th September 2023

57 Urmstongran

Temu: Has anyone bought from them?

8 Fairycakes

Why does no one use their garden in tv soaps?

31 Doodledog

Grandparents Day anyone?

79 Callistemon21

Selling jewelry/downsizing

7 FindingNemo15

R-I-P David McCallum

29 Esmay

Covid booster

78 Wheniwasyourage

Good Morning Tuesday 26th September 2023

52 aggie

a big weather warning for this coming WEDNESDAY

13 Patsy70

Keeping warm in bed

75 Margiknot

How to be happy - 5 golden rules

52 Foxygloves

Central heating

112 Margiknot

Housework, am I alone?

144 MaggsMcG

Infra red sauna blankets

3 NotSpaghetti

Words I never knew before.

27 Shelflife

Good Morning Monday 25th September 2023

55 Taichinan

another phone scam

2 Oopsadaisy1

Good Morning Sunday 24th September 2023

47 Kalu

Waldorf Steiner Schools

104 Callistemon21

Holidays, what do you bring home from yours.

117 JackyB

RING Doorbell TV Advert

6 biglouis

Inventions the world didn’t need

104 NotSpaghetti

I nearly cried today at a tender scene

22 knspol


75 JaneJudge


32 henetha

I’m such a hypocrite….

36 Grandma70s