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Sidmouth-Le Locle twinning

9 Nelliemoser

Adventures in Wonderland

4 janerowena

Japanese schoolboys dancing

6 hildajenniJ

Critique of deliberate artistic ambiguity

3 thatbags

Herefordshire Library Services Under Threat

12 Harlequin

Lovely music and pictures to with it

6 Greyduster

This is quite a long video clip so even if you don't like pop music, have a coffee break and enjoy!


Fabulous musicians for a party, wedding, corporate event etc.

2 Teetime

Free in Birmingham lat September

1 Nonnie

Paper crafts for children (and grandparents)

6 MiniMouse

Cultural destruction

42 vampirequeen

A very fine needlewoman has died

4 Anniebach

The nastiness of culture wars

3 Luckygirl

Any writers out there?

97 Jane10

Dolls house

6 suzied

Hacking the Humanities

1 thatbags


4 Jomarie

Etheldreda Laing

5 Elegran

Bauming the Thorn- Appleton Thorn

3 Teetime

Classical Barbra

2 janerowena

Cardiff Singer of the World

10 absentgrandma

"You sexist/racist/libera l/elitist bastard"

38 Elegran

modern slang

7 Maggiemaybe

Beanbags at Ickworth House

13 ffinnochio

A View from the Bridge

26 rosesarered

Tracey Emin's Bed

16 Anne58

Themed cafes/restaurants

6 ninathenana


54 felice

Other people's toys

41 CeeCee

Lee Miller; war photographer.

3 Tegan

Wolf Hall

54 rosequartz

How the Swedes teach children about body parts :D

12 Ana

Celebrating all.

13 annodomini

Flash fiction anyone?

10 ninathenana

Chris Barber, Pat Halcox and Monty Sunshine (no, not Python)

9 Elegran

Shirley Baker

5 janerowena

Art is culture, right?

133 Nonu

Music Video of Stand By Me

10 ninathenana

What was on the TV or Radio the day you were born?

32 suevie34

Gender neutrality 'hen'

50 janerowena

Watching the proms

18 Ana

Full Monty

3 NfkDumpling

Radio 2 - 100 best riffs

10 NanKate

Musicals - do you join in from the stalls?

39 HollyDaze

Be Happy Dancing ...

19 janeainsworth

what do you play?

36 numberplease

The problem with little white girls

17 rosequartz

Music for hot weather...

54 annodomini

Burt Bacharach

5 petra

Music we hate

95 Heliotrope