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I know it's early to mention it, but...

5 Grannyknot

Anyone had experience of selling on ETSY?

7 Dragonella

Special birthday cards

19 Callistemon

wear the clothes we sew for ourselves

31 Nannarose

making bunting

5 shysal

Using a small piece of cross stitch?

1 Rosiebee

What sewing machine do you recommend?

29 Rosiebee

Drawing upside down

8 BradfordLass72

Cross stitch sets

3 AllTheLs

Knitting machine

22 jackfowler

Loom knitting

6 Jzpap

What can I knit next

30 Overthehills

Roman blinds

7 BBbevan

What are you making?

209 Grannyknot

Recommendations for and idiot friendly sewing machine

32 Rosiebee

Does anyone paint?

56 Bordersgirl57

Quality Barbie Clothes

11 shysal

Bright ideas, please!

20 Diggingdoris

Knits4kids website problem

1 supergabs1960

Just bought a house!

16 crazyH

UFOs (unfinished objects)

32 Thorntrees


84 MamaCaz

should i or not

5 travelsafar

Advice please

15 mrsmopp

Decorating a small plastic plant pot

18 eazybee

Sewing Forum gone

20 Lisalou

Celebrity painting challenge

22 Jane10

My other love - apart from knitting

21 Callistemon

Ideas for entertaining 9 yr old grandson

39 BradfordLass72

Making up knitting

20 pooohbear2811

Self adhesive filing tabs

4 fourormore

Anyone watching the Great British Sewing Bee?

48 M0nica

addicted to my knitting

39 LadyGracie

ideas please

6 ayse

Any spare baby knitting patterns?

11 Sallipop

Best websites for knitting patterns?

17 Sallipop

Knitted nativity set - has anyone else made one?

62 Oldandverygrey

Mystery pattern.

29 Jalima1108

Worsted weight yarn

11 Jalima1108

Free Knitting Patterns

15 craftyone

Art in a sad time

5 LullyDully

Art in a sad time

1 LullyDully

Traditional beret pattern

7 Humbertbear

What is the most unusual item your grandchild has asked you to make for them?

52 Humbertbear

Cable needles

20 Auntieflo

Photos of things made

84 Karens's back.

8 Lisalou

Two strand knitting question

36 OmaforMaya

Knitted breasts!!

58 Maggiemaybe

Fabric online

14 Bathsheba